Your Temprell Story

Ross & Melinda

Your Temprell Story


Ross and Melinda came to us with something special that they wanted to transform into something uniquely beautiful...

Hearing about our bespoke service complemented by our outstanding reviews, the couple felt Temprell was the right place to create them something uniquely special. So they began their journey from St Albans to Nottingham to visit us at the Temprell studio.

The couple already came with a ring in hand - a family heirloom which Ross inherited from his great-grandmother which he wanted to use to signify his love to Melinda as well as carry on the family tradition. We were delighted that Ross and Melinda chose Temprell to work on such an important piece.

To get the design process in full swing, Raun sat down with the couple and drafted a few initial ideas. The piece needed to keep its sense of origin as well as integrate Melinda's personal touch. The end result was something of quite the masterpiece. Malinda transformed Ross's grandmothers vintage piece into a stunning 18 ct rose gold diamond halo engagement ring.

Pleased with their experience, Ross and Melinda came back to design their wedding bands. These needed to be simply elegant but also quite traditional to compliment the rose gold theme engagement ring. After an hour or so drinking copious amounts of coffee and gathering ideas, Ross chose an 8 mm palladium plain wedding ring to match Malendia's 3 mm rose gold band.

The couple chose to be wed at one of the countries most historic landmarks - St Albans Abbey. The church bells did not fail to chime as the light glistened through the trees that surround the magnificent architecture that stood proud in the natural light.

Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for letting us create #yourtemprellstory!

"Temprell is the perfect experience from start to finish. The ring we chose was provided in a way that was; Bespoke, personal and relaxed. My, now, wife and I would recommend the service and ring provided to anyone wanting to make this special moment something they will never forget"

Ross & Melinda