Proposal Ring Service


Popping the question; it’s a nerve-racking business that’s added to by the thought of selecting the right engagement ring.

Have you taken all the hints, remembered the last time so-and-so’s ring was pleadingly pointed out to you? In all likelihood, no. But that’s OK, there’s no need to worry with Temprell’s proposal ring service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re not ready to take the plunge, run out of time prior the big weekend away or worried you may be forgetting the finer points of your partner’s taste.

"You’ll never forget the day you propose and nor will your partner. It certainly isn’t something to take the shine off with needless worry."

Leanne Doyle


The service is there to be taken advantage of by anyone ready to propose. Simply choose from a range of white gold solitaire rings set with the finest diamond cut Cubic Zirconia and go down on one knee knowing the only commitment you’ve made is to your loved one.

And when they’ve said yes all that remains is for the pair of you to come into the store at your convenience, enjoy a glass of champagne and choose a ring together. Or perhaps make use of our in-house design service for your very own bespoke piece. With both options, the cost of the proposal ring is subtracted from the final piece.