A New Generation of Diamonds

At Temprell we are offering the latest generation of diamonds- Lab grown. You can never take away the romantic beauty of natural diamonds. However, there is more to these magnificent stones than their origin and our new range will celebrate this, whilst fully appreciating both worlds ; Natural vs man-made.

So what are they?

Lab grown diamonds are true diamonds. It is simply the environment that is man-made, but the physical and chemical composition of them is exactly that of a naturally derived stone. Forming from a diamond seed, lab grown stones can be created by two methods:
The High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method whereby the lab environment simulates the identical conditions as nature. This technique cannot be interfered with once started.


The Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) process, which involves the introduction of microwave energy and injected gas. This process can be controlled throughout formation to create the best possible outcome.
The rough stone that is produced is then cut in the same way natural diamonds are and certified using the same laboratory bodies (GIA/IGI).

Why consider them?

Lab Grown diamonds are seen as the future , but why?

-The reliable and ease of traceability with these stones make them completely ethical .

-The process is eco-conscious , eliminating the use of mines and damage the environment.

-The design and sentiment is still paramount when creating a piece of jewellery for our customer but it offers a budget friendly option (a saving of up to 75% on natural diamonds)

Here at Temprell we pride ourselves on quality and this is no different when sourcing lab grown diamonds. Aligning with established suppliers, we ensure the most desirable stones are selected.

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