Traditional Band Vs Diamond Ring

You have a stunning engagement ring and with wedding preparations fully underway, it’s time to choose the perfect wedding ring.

One of the main questions ladies ask us when they begin their search is should we add diamonds or not?

Whilst there is no wrong or right answer, here are some helpful tips to consider when making your decision.


Always try wedding rings on alongside your engagement ring. Relax and take time to see the options available on your finger. We often get told how different rings look in person, compared to in a box or from a photograph. I’m sure you have spent many hours searching and trying on a selection of wedding dresses to see which suits your personality and shape, why wouldn’t you do the same for an item you will be wearing forever? The internet is great for inspiration but we can’t stress enough how important trying on a ring actually is. After all, it will be spending a lifetime on your finger.


We have many customers who work in the NHS or in certain professions whereby only a plain band would be acceptable during working hours. If you plan on wearing your wedding ring all day everyday make sure there are no restrictions. At Temprell we are happy to discuss your lifestyle and how that can practically impact on your decision.


Many of our customers spend a very long time ensuring their wedding band fits perfectly with the design of their engagement ring which is brilliant. If you are really struggling to choose at this stage, a suggestion we usually make is to take off your engagement ring. How does the wedding ring look on your finger on its own? There may be times in the future when you decide to wear just your wedding ring - make sure you are happy with this visually.


On average our ladies plain wedding bands are a couple of hundred pounds. Add slightly more for platinum and slightly less for 9ct gold. We depict the exact price by sizing your finger instore (we even do ½ sizes!) and then calculating the exact amount of metal we will use to create your ring. Compared to our diamond bands which are nearer the £1000 mark.


Our relaxed environment allows you to take the time to choose exactly what's right for you. We can sit down and discuss the options with a coffee in our studio and onsite workshop.

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