Modern British Elegance

Its reassuring to know that we British still do some things with style, elegance and dedication.

When our good friend and long term customer Al Fazekas of XL Responsive Vehicle Leasing offered a stunning gold Aston Martin DB11 as a prop for our most recent shoot we jumped at the chance to showcase some of our most beautiful pieces alongside the very best in British design and engineering.

"We could have had any car, from Ferraris to American muscle. But the long, sweeping elegance of the Aston complimented Jemima’s look so well. Plus it’s home grown and gold, for goodness sake...could there be a better fit with Temprell?"

Jim Stevenson

Art Director


The Aston Martin DB11 marks a departure from some of the marque's most recent creations. Instead of using the surface aesthetic to emphasise the machine's raw power and, frankly, petrol-headed attractions, the design team chose instead to work to a different brief. In this new way of thinking the focus shifted to finesse and building on past principles for a quieter, more contemporary, beauty. Sometimes it's easy to initiate a root and branch overhaul of a design philosophy, other times it's easier to keep augmenting what's already been laid down. Both can seem brave or fool-hardy depending on the times... most difficult is a synthesis of past values with a truly forward-looking philosophy.

An emphasis on materials

It's a philosophy very much in keeping with how things are done at Temprell. Our designers constantly seek to imbue our work with a sense of calm refinement - taking past influences and re-imagining them with a eye on the modern tastes. One of our central tennets dictates that, whatever we do, there is a visible tension between the materials and style of the piece.

It’s important that nothing in our work seems frivolous or extraneous in the finished article. At all times the metals and stones we use are acting in a perfect, economical and classic harmony. In jewellery, as with all things, good-taste is everything. Whether it's being driven, worn around a neck or upon a finger nothing stands out quite so much as imbalance.